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Loose Ends Project

We don't often talk about death, but the thought has crossed my mind, that if I died suddenly, what would happen to my knitting? Not my stash of yarn, but the actual project that I'm in the middle of? I also think of knitters who are terminally ill, who are trying to finish one last sweater for their grandchild. We're all going to die, we know this. But there's something frustrating for a knitter to know that they won't be able to finish what they've put so much time into already. And there is a sadness for the family left behind to pick up their knitting, still on the needles, knowing it will never be finished.

Thanks to Jennifer Simonic and Masey Kaplan, knitters (and their families) now have a solution! Loose Ends, headquartered in Portland, Maine and Seattle, Washington, makes sure projects that loved ones have left behind are finished.

Founded in September 2022, Loose Ends has grown to more than 1000 volunteers (known as "finishers") from all over the world. Finishers complete the knitting, quilting, or crochet projects of those who have passed away or become disabled. Once finished, the item is shipped back to the intended families and friends. Can you imagine the joy in receiving one final knitted project from someone you love after they’ve passed away?

Share this with other knitters or families to help spread the good news. To find out more about this heart-felt project, please visit

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