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Knitting videos that show proper instructions worthy of a Master Knitter.  The techniques shown in these videos have been carefully examined to make sure they demonstrate proper methods.  They illustrate some of Donna's favorites.   


Thank you to each knitter for taking the time to make these tutorial videos and for sharing your expertise!  Knitting is all about sharing the love.


Stay on top of the latest news, trends, techniques & in-depth master class tutorials.  


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Italian Cast On
with Tubular Set Up

This video shows you how to to the Italian CO with tubular set up in preparation for 1x1 Rib for a beautiful edge.  Thanks Liat!

Old Norwegian
Cast On

yarn in sling shot position ready to start old norwegian cast on

This is an excellent cast on for the tops of socks, where you want a stretchy opening that looks neat.  Thanks Joan!

German Short Rows

​More invisible than wrap & turn, this is a yarn over method of working short rows. Thanks Just!

Substituting German
Short Rows for W&T

Now that you LOVE German short rows, this shows you where to work them when your pattern calls for W&T.  Thanks Mimi Kezer! 

One Needle 
Kitchener BO

Keep all of your stitches on the needle & end up with a fabulous edge in the end.  Thank you Sockmatician!

Tubular Bind Off
in the Round

Create an elastic, finished, invisible ribbed edge by using the Tubular BO in the round when binding off 1x1 ribbing.  Thanks Suzanne!

Adding a Zipper

Adding a zipper to your knitting by hand and machine by Suzanne Bryan

Learn how to sew in a zipper into your knitting the right way!   Thanks Suzanne!

Crochet Provisional
Cast On

Crochet Provisional Cast On

A quick way to cast on with scrap yarn that will be discarded, leaving live stitches.  Thank you Magda Makes!

Provisional Cast On

If you don't like using crochet hooks, here's a super-fast, easy way to do the Provisional Cast On.  

Blocking Swatches
& Pieces 

An excellent guide to blocking, especially stockinette pieces or lace, to keep pieces as perfect as possible.  Thanks Leslie!

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