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Knitters Relief Balm with CBD

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

I've been doing all of the things to minimize pain when I knit so I can keep on knitting!

Tip #1 - Do all the things

I take breaks, do mini stretches, watch my posture, knit with circular needles so I can rest the weight of my project on my lap, put pillows under my elbows, massage my arms to break up the knots that form from muscle overuse, and sometimes use ice. I have also added using Knitter's Relief Balm to my routine, while I knit, which has made a big difference.

Tip # 2 - Ask the pros

I've worked with physical therapists, sports massage therapists, and had many visits to my chiropractor. My first chiropractor told me I needed to take a break from knitting to let my arms and shoulders rest for a month. A month! I told him there had to be another way because I couldn't do that. My next chiropractor showed me ways to alleviate the pain while continuing to knit, and I am forever grateful!!

I am not a doctor, and if you're having pain during or after knitting, it's best to see a doctor to find out why. There can be many causes, and I spent years visiting my regular doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, chiropractors, and physical therapists to get the root of the problem. I thought I had tendonitis, but tendon and ligament problems were ruled out. In my case, my pain stems from muscle overuse and Active Release Technique helps incredibly. Through the help of professionals, I have a long list of things I can do at home to prevent pain. But sometimes, my arms still hurt and I've found that Knitter's Relief Balm does take the pain away.

Tip #3 - Then do the EASY thing

With all of the extra holiday knitting and deadlines, I've been knitting much more than usual, and exercising less, which allows the pain to creep back in. Knitter's Relief Balm has a CBD option, so I decided to kick up my pain relief a notch and try that over the holidays. The difference, for me, in the regular version and the CBD version, is that the CBD version relaxes me a bit more, and if I use it in the evenings, helps me sleep better.

Tip #4 - I use this on sensitive skin

I have sensitive skin and I'm one of those people who read ingredient labels. I love that this is chemical-free and made with all natural ingredients like arnica, magnesium, and essential oils. The ingredient that is in the CBD version, but not in the original version of Knitters Relief Balm is 200mg pure CBD (THC free) infused in organic MTC oil (from coconut).

I noticed that it worked fast and seemed to zero in on the sore spots that formed around my elbow and triceps. My husband had been complaining about neck pain for a few days, so he rubbed some on the back of his neck and woke up the next morning without pain.

I love that the tube is small enough to fit in my knitting bag. I can rub it on from a push-up tube so your fingers stay clean (a plus when you're knitting).

It's made in Austin, Texas and developed by a knitter (of course) and naturalist. To read more about Knitter's Relief Balm with CBD oil, see the complete list of ingredients, or to purchase some balm for yourself, please click here. I hope it helps you as much as it helps me and allows you to keep on knitting. To find out about the regular version, without CBD, you can read more about it here.

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