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2023 Sweater Trends

Fashion Designers are busy on the runways unveiling their 2023 fashions! Zeroing in on the knitwear designs, strong trends are emerging. From bold stripes and intarsia to mix-matched colors and textures used side-by-side in oversized sweaters, 2023 is promising to be a colorful, exciting year in knitwear fashion. Take a look at what you can expect to see in stores and in knitting patterns soon.

BOLD STRIPES - 2023 is full of color and stripes are dominating. Wide and bold stripes, stripes that fade in thicknesses, contrasting colors or monochromatic stripes, you'll see it all! Bold stripes used in traditional knit method are hugely popular, but you'll also see slanted shapes taking the form of intarsia wedges. Speaking of intarsia, expect to see argyles this year and color blocks with unusual placements.

OVERSIZED - to give designers enough room to display their colors, we're seeing much larger garments. Think oversized pullovers, extra long sleeves, and gender-neutral sized cardigans. Long, loose and easy-to-wear sweaters are taking over in 2023.

CROPPED - And in the middle of this oversized trend, you'll find cropped sweaters and tops popping out here and there, with extra long sleeves, and cut outs in the middle. This cropped body actually helps make the sweater look longer by exaggerating the sleeve length.

MIX-MATCHED COLOR/TEXTURE - I said 2023 was all about color right? Expect to see more colors playing against one another with sweaters that are half one color and in one texture like stockinette, and half in a contrasting color in a different texture like cables or heavily textured stitch patterns. This division along the body creates a perfect chaotic opportunity for the sleeves to do their own thing.

For TONS of photos of 2023 Sweater Trends, visit my Pinterest Board. Check back often! As new runway shows happen, I'm adding more knitwear fashions constantly. For knitting patterns, visit

What look are you excited to knit & wear in 2023? Share your thoughts in the comments. I'd love to know what you're thinking!

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As much as I'd like to think I'm willing to be new and trendy (as opposed to stuck in a rut) it still has to be flattering. Idk, maybe it's just me.

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