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2022 Sweater Trends

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

The runway shows are giving us a look at the top designers' contributions for designs in knitwear fashion for the next year. What can you expect to see in the world of knitwear design?

Some of the recurring trends that are showing up across a wide range of designers are:

* Extra-long sleeves with extra short body

* Oversized cardigans (like really oversized)

* Striped collar cardigans (think preppy with a nod towards classic athletic)

* Large prints (plaid, argyle, bold stripes, checks)

* Long sweaters with cut-out slits in the front and back

As designers unveil their shows, new sweater fashions are being added to this Pinterest board so it's always growing with new trends. I am a knitwear designer fascinated with blending artistic design elements into knitting patterns.

From colorwork to ultra-long sleeves, take a look at some of the sweaters and knitwear items you can expect to see (or knit) in 2022.

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