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Exciting New ITEM!

Hi knitting friends. I'm so excited to add these Deluxe Retractable Tape Measures to my shop! I love the synthetic leather which has a leather look and feel while still being vegan. The retractable tape (inches on one side/centimeters on the other) is made of soft, flexible, durable fiberglass with a faux leather end to prevent fraying. I also love that the tape measures 10 feet! This covers larger shawls and blankets which is handy.

I have gone through so many retractable tape measures and they all have a slightly chintzy feel to them. The flimsy plastic ones don't feel special and I'm entering a knitting phase where I'm slowly replacing my cheesy items with good, quality knitting tools that look good and last. Choose from three cheery colors.

Thank you for supporting small businesses like mine! I hope you treat yourself and that you like these as much as I do.

Since measuring is on our minds, if you're struggling with superwash sleeves turning out too long or lace garments ending up too long, find out how to measure here

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